API Slurry Pump Liner, Bi-Metal Liner or Ceramic Liner

                Mud Pump Cylinder Sleeve liner Ceramic Liners Performance parametermaterials(wt%)composition(g/cm3)specific densityhardness(Gpa)elasticity modulus(10*10-6/k) thermal expansion coefficient(Mpa)fracture strengthMpam1/2 bending

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                Mud Pump Cylinder Sleeve liner Ceramic Liners 
API Mud Pump Liner, Bimetal Liner or Ceramic Liner
Performance parameter
specific density
hardness(Gpa)elasticity modulus(10*10-6/k) thermal expansion coefficient
fracture strength
Mpam1/2 bending toughness

The specification
We can also supply other types of ceramic liners,such as 3NB500,3NB1300C,A1700PT,14P220 and so on.The ceramic liners we produce are used in all of the world mud pumps,such as Baoshi Pump,Lanshi Pump,and EMSCO,NATIONAL,OILWELL,IDECOGARDNER-DENVER and so on. We can also produce according to the customer drawings.
As a professional production base of ceramic liners, our company has been adhering to the guideline of supplying premium products with excellent performance, stable quality and thoughtful after-service to our customers in order to contribute the whole society. They are used in various big oil fields domestically.
The advantages of ceramic liners are as follows:
   1.The ceramic liners cannot only adapted to some tough environment such as deep oil reservoir, hard stratum and severe earthiness,but also can be used for offshore oil and natural gas exploitation.
    2.Compared with Bi-metal liner, the service life of Ceramic liner is 5-8timeshigher. Its maximum and minimum service life can reach more than 4000 and 2000 hours respectively.
  3.The Zirconia ceramic liner which has various advantages such as wear-resistance, erosion-resistance,high-pressure-resistance,high-temperature-resistance,high strength and high hardness.
    4.The cost of shipment,maintenance, labor and storage in the drilling works can be reduced.
API Mud Pump Liner, Bimetal Liner or Ceramic Liner
API Mud Pump Liner, Bimetal Liner or Ceramic Liner


1. Suitable for deep oil reservoir, hard stratum and severe earthiness, offshore oil 
  and natural gas exploitation. 
2. Minimum work life is 2000 hours, could reach 4000 hours normally. 
  5-8 times longer than bi-metal liner. 
3. Wear-resistance, erosion-resistance, high-pressure-resistance, high-temp-resistance,
  high strength and high hardness.  

4. Reduce the cost of shipment, maintenance, labor and storage in the drilling works.

Ceramic Liners features

1. Corrosion-resistant, acid-proof alkali, heat-resistant, it can work in the medium of the drilling mud or other corrosive liquid etc.

2. High hardness, wear resistance, it can resist high pressure mud of sharp or abrasive resistance of the solid particles grinding or scour, such as rock debris,quartz sands,iron ores,scrap iron.

3. Evenly distributed structure for microstructure and smoothly surface will improve the life of the piston.

4. Working pressure is high, more than 52 MPa (7500 PSI), to meet drilling deep well, ultra-deep demand. Its maximum and minimum service life can reach more than 4000 and 2000 hours respectively.

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API Mud Pump Liner, Bimetal Liner or Ceramic Liner
Company Show
Zibo Chaoxin Ceramics Technology Co., Ltd. as a new and hi-tech ceramic manufacturer with excellent abilities of technology research, manufacture and distribution, is located in Zibo National New and High-tech Industrial Development Zone in Shandong Province, China.

We mainly produce various kinds of fine ceramic products, which in material of zirconium oxide (ZrO2), alumina (Al2O3), zirconium silicate (ZrSiO4), mullite (A3S2) and composite oxide ceramics. Products include ceramic grinding ball(diameter 0.3mm~30mm), Ceramic Liner(mud pump spare part), Ceramic Plunger(oil pump spare part), Alumina Lining Bricks(ceramic ball mill machine), Wear-Resistant Sleeves, Wear-Resistant Lining Tiles/Mat, ball mill machine, Cyclone, and chemical ball, etc. 

Structural ceramic products are with excellent performances, such as wearing-resistance, erosion-resistance, high-temperature-resistance, high-strength, high-hardness in the working conditions in which metal or polymer ones cannot do. With functions of the most advanced manufacturing equipment in ceramic field, our structural ceramic products such as ceramic liner and ceramic plunger are with better performances(improved by 5 to 10 times), have been used widely in many oilfields and petrochemical enterprises in the chemical industry.

The company has 3 automatic 1750 degree high temperature tunnel kiln and shuttle kiln, and equipped with advanced detection device. The products are widely used in the field of ceramic, steel, mining, petrifaction, chemical, medical, coal fired power generation, cement, mineral processing industry, etc.
Most of structural ceramic products from Zibo Chaoxin have occupied domestic leading level. some have reached international leading level. Ceramic liner and plunger, in particular, have been used widely in many domestic oil field and exported to international market, such as North American market, Middle East market.
API Mud Pump Liner, Bimetal Liner or Ceramic Liner
API Mud Pump Liner, Bimetal Liner or Ceramic Liner

API Mud Pump Liner, Bimetal Liner or Ceramic Liner

Packaging & transportation
API Mud Pump Liner, Bimetal Liner or Ceramic Liner

API Mud Pump Liner, Bimetal Liner or Ceramic Liner
01.Product packaging
Depending on the situation, generally fumigation-free trays

02.Product production cycle?
A small number of products? How much
Different products should be different, can you give a rough range? Such as 3-14 days or 7-30 days

03.Production cycle of customized products?
A large number of products? How much
(Inferred from lead time)

04.product lead times 3-7 days, large 7-15 days, or? ?
Delivery is generally 5-15 days, except for stock and drawing customization
The spot generally uses the payment voucher as the delivery date, and the customization may be delivered within 15-35 days according to the actual situation.


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