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2022-11-10 15:21:47 By : Mr. Andy Zeng

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You might know Bont Cycling shoes for their heat mouldable chassis shoes (most don't feature a traditional sole given the way the carbon wraps up around the foot) but the key feature is their anatomical shaping; these are shoes designed around the shape of a human foot and that means you get an improved fit and, ultimately, a high level of performance. Here's what's unique about Bont Cycling shoes and how to make your choice from the extensive range.

Considering that shoes are one of the biggest outlays for serious cyclists, it’s surprising how little we think about the role they perform. Okay, when buying a pair of performance cycling shoes you probably take into account details such as weight, stiff carbon soles, or fancy closure systems, but when it comes to truly top-end, technologically-advanced riding footwear, there’s so much more that goes into the design and construction than just those eye-grabbing features. For example, without perfect fit, all the other speccing highlights you invest in are all but wasted.

Here we look at how Australian brand Bont Cycling uses almost four decades of experience in performance footwear — and its unique hand-made construction process — to create an unrivalled combination of comfort, fit, and power delivery across its cycle shoe range. 

An absolute focus on perfect fit is one of the key reasons why Bont Cycling shoes look a little different from all others on the market. From the outset, Bont Cycling shoes are designed and built differently to incorporate different elements of high-end construction. Bont Cycling uses two distinct design and construction methods. Here's how a Vaypor Series shoe is made.

If your fundamentals aren’t right, your end product will be compromised. A highly advanced last — a specially-designed sample plastic foot — is used as the basis for each shoe and is the main reason for Bont Cycling's renowned comfort and support. Bont's lasts have been informed by more than 36 years of experience, along with the data from 20,000 laser foot scans and feedback received from professional riders. The result is a cycle shoe last that accurately reflects foot shape and it's this that lays the crucial foundation for a superb fit.

The first element of the shoe added to the last is Bont Cycling’s inner sole, made from EVA (ethylene vinyl acetate). The footbed is only 3mm thick and extremely lightweight.

A strong and lightweight liner is fitted next, which has been specially chosen to maintain the integrity and suppress odour in high-sweat areas. Bont Cycling’s rigorously-tested closed-cell memory foam maximises comfort across the high-end models: Vaypor S, Helix, Vaypor+, Vaypor G, Zero+ and Crono MK2. The Motion, Riot and Riot+ feature a more traditional fabric liner.

The carbon fibre is then laid by hand, with Bont Cycling shoemakers paying particular attention to the areas most vital for cycling performance. Bont uses unidirectional carbon fibre from Toray of Japan for its high-end shoes. Carbon composite is used for the Riot+ series and fibreglass for the Riot and Motion. 

Finally, Bont’s high-quality and lightweight upper is cut, prepared and stitched prior to being bonded and sewn onto the shoe. Holes are hand punched into it for ventilation, and BOA dials, buckles or laces are added (depending on the model) to securely — and comfortably — hold the foot in place for maximised power delivery. 

You could theoretically remove the upper of one of Bont's high-end models and still ride around in a functional pair of shoes due to the monocoque construction.

Bont Cycling’s global marketing manager Alex Malone says the success of Bont shoes all stems from the very first stage: the ultra-realistic and representative last. 

“The key feature of Bont Cycling shoes is the anatomical shaping which in simple terms means they are designed around the shape of a human foot," Alex says.

“Our anatomically correct fit, along with built-in structural support, is what sets us apart. From the forefoot through to the midsection and the heel, our shoes are designed to support the feet throughout the stroke. Performance and injury prevention are the foundations behind every pair of our shoes and it's a mantra we'll never ride away from.

"Add into the mix 19 sizes with linear 5mm increments across the range, four widths — primarily standard and wide for the UK — and you have a complete and comprehensive lineup in terms of size and fit, and in an equally comprehensive price range."

For riders wanting the ultimate in cycle shoe luxury, where classic materials are teamed with state-of-the-art technology, look no further than the Bont Vaypor+. The Vaypor+ uses fantastically strong kangaroo leather for its upper, supple cowhide for its liner, a dual dial BOA Li2 Fit System backed by the BOA Guarantee, and Bont’s industry-leading carbon chassis for awesome power transfer. This is a shoe that makes its mark on the spec sheet, but it’s just as noticeable on the road with three vibrant colourways and three more traditional options. Add in all the fitting benefits of its Bont's anatomical design and supportive construction, and you have a cycle shoe that knows no rivals. 

Sizes: UK 4-14 / Euro 36-50 Weight: 230g  Materials: Unidirectional carbon monocoque chassis with a kangaroo leather upper and leather lining Closure: Dual-dial BOA Li2 Fit System backed by the BOA Guarantee Colours: White/White, Black/Black Check them out here

There are cycling shoes with innovative closure systems, and then there is the Helix. With the Helix, Bont has taken its race-proven anatomical fit and enhanced it by creating a whole new closure system design. Using a single-dial BOA IP1 Fit System, the Helix features continuous around-and-under lacing to spread the load for a super-secure hold without localised pressure points. With its equally innovative Durolite upper — offering superb strength to weight — and ultra-ventilated toe box with integrated air vents on the front bumper, the Helix sets a new standard in performance cycling footwear. (Also available in Reflex, high-reflectivity finishes.)

Sizes: UK 4-14 / Euro 36-50 Weight: 260g (size 46.5) Materials: Unidirectional carbon monocoque chassis with Durolite upper Closure: Single-dial BOA IP1 Fit System backed by the BOA Guarantee Colours: White/Shiny White, Black, Reflex Ghost, Reflex Havoc Check them out here

Just as the Reflex model adds a little extra to Bont's venerated Vaypor S shoe, the Li2 version ups the ante in the closure and performance stakes with the addition of two top-level BOA Li2 dials. But that’s only the most obvious indication that these are serious shoes with serious performance. We’ve tested a pair of Vaypor S Li2s and can confirm that they are super stiff — Tech Editor Mat Brett said they are among the very stiffest shoes he’s ever tested — while the tub-shaped construction provides superb stability, support and comfort as you pedal. They’re not cheap, but if you’re looking for uncompromised performance, you’ll be hard pushed to find anything better.  Read Mat’s full review of the Vaypor S Li2 here. 

Sizes: UK 4-14 / Euro 36-50 Weight: 230g Materials: Unidirectional carbon monocoque chassis with Durolite upper and faux suede leather liner Closure: Dual-dial BOA Li2 Fit System backed by the BOA Guarantee  Colours: Matte White, Matte Black, Reflex Havoc, Reflex Ghost, Hologram Check them out here

Bont takes the task of offering its riders the ultimate performance, fit and comfort very seriously, but it also knows that good old-fashioned fun is at the heart of most cycling experiences. The Riot+ is the perfect marriage of highly technical design, good value and grin-inducing ability with the world’s first carbon composite, heat-mouldable, entry-level cycling shoe. That carbon construction guarantees efficient power transfer; the BOA dial backed by the BOA Guarantee  and Velcro Z-Form closures offer easy access and excellent stability, and the last-based anatomic shaping ensures peerless comfort at this point in the market. Simply put, this is the world’s most technically advanced cycling shoe at this price point.

Sizes: UK 4-14 / Euro 36-50 Weight: 280g Materials: Carbon composite construction with microfibre upper Closure: BOA dial backed by the BOA Guarantee and Z-form Velcro strap Colours: White/Shiny White, Black, Black/White, White/Black, Midnight/Mega Crimson, Black/Gold Check them out here

The standard Riot leads the way in opening up the world of high-tech performance cycling shoes to even more aspiring riders. To bring costs down, Bont has specced a micro-adjustable buckle and Velcro closure, alongside a fibreglass construction with a microfibre upper. But while the ingredients might be slightly different, the creation process is ultimately the same as with Bont’s Riot+ series models. The Riot still boasts a last-based construction, with Bont’s fabled longitudinal arch support, lateral forefoot support and anatomical heel cup and forefoot shape conspiring to keep your feet stable, secure and comfortable. It’s essentially years of cycle footwear research and development at an astonishingly low price.

Sizes: UK 4-14 / Euro 36-50 Weight: 295g (size 42) Materials: Fibreglass construction with anti-stretch microfibre upper Closure: Micro-adjustable buckle and Z-form Velcro  Colours: White/Black, Black/White Check them out here

It’s no secret that Bont’s road cycling range is a study in serious cycling footwear technology, materials and design. But rather than specialised performance, some riders need utility and simple, multi-usability. The Motion is Bont’s most comfortable and efficient platform at a price point ideal for riders of all levels. Of course, it wouldn’t be a Bont without an anatomically-infused construction, but the Motion is an example of value-led functionality, with a three-strap Velcro closure, fibreglass base and ventilated anti-stretch micro-fibre upper. To see what we thought of the Motion, read our review.

Sizes: UK 4-14 / Euro 36-50 Weight: 320g (size 42) Materials: Fibreglass construction with anti-stretch microfibre upper Closure: Three-strap Velcro Colours: White, Black Check them out here

Imagine having all the features of Bont Cycling’s legendary Vaypor shoe —the anatomical design; the dual-dial BOA Li2 Fit System; the Durolite upper; the carbon-fibre construction — but augmented with a few extra talents that make it suitable for adventure cycling and off-road use. That’s the Vaypor G: a fully-fledged Vaypor series with an added grip plate outside the proprietary heat mouldable construction, enhanced bumper protectors, and two-bolt cleat compatibility for commuting and mountain bike pedals. The Vaypor G proves that performance doesn’t have to stop just because the road does.

Sizes: UK 4-14 / Euro 36-50 Materials: Unidirectional carbon monocoque chassis with Durolite upper and faux suede leather liner Closure: Dual-dial BOA Li2 Fit System backed by the BOA Guarantee Colours: Black, Reflex Ghost, Reflex Havoc Check them out here

Just as the Vaypor G brings high-end road performance to the trail, so too the Riot MTB+ model adapts its equivalent smooth-surface model’s talents to more demanding terrain. Designed to tackle off-road riding with ease, the Riot MTB+ is the world’s first carbon composite, heat-mouldable, entry-level mountain bike shoe. It’s got all the other details you need for secure and stable pedalling and power transfer: BOA L6 Fit System, carbon composite construction, Duralite upper and classic Bont anatomic design. But with the added capability provided by enhanced bumpers, grip plate and two-bolt cleat acceptance, now you can have a Riot of a time on the trails.

Sizes: UK 4-14 / Euro 36-50 Materials: Carbon composite construction with microfibre upper Closure: BOA L65 Fit System and Z-Form Velcro backed by the BOA Guarantee  Colours: Black/Black, Black/Blue, Black/White Check them out here

See the full Bont range at

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