SGS, Jeanologia Partner to Scale Laser Finishing – Sourcing Journal

2023-01-09 22:03:03 By : Ms. Vicky Zhou

A new collaboration between Spanish finishing technology firm Jeanologia and Swiss third-party certification company SGS aims to make its mark on laser finishing.

Jeanologia recently made its Advanced Light Sensitive Fabric test achieved through its Bluescan technology available exclusively through SGS. Laser Marking Machine For Denim

SGS, Jeanologia Partner to Scale Laser Finishing – Sourcing Journal

Bluescan is a high-tech lab cabinet that provides a complete report with accurate and clear information about a fabric within minutes. This report helps to determine if the analyzed fabric is viable for sustainable laundry processes, using minimal resources, without hazardous chemicals and safeguarding workers’ health.

The test scores fabrics based on their sensitivity to light, based on Jeanologia’s global Advanced Light Sensitive Fabric 100 Mark System.

“We are seeing how laser marking is transforming the industry by significantly reducing water wastage and the use of toxic chemical substances during production,” said Yvonne Tse, SGS Global Softlines vice president. “For those manufacturers looking to take advantage of more eco-friendly technology, the advanced light sensitive fabric test can be a vital step in that process.”

Laser marking significantly reduces water consumption and the use of toxic, chemical substances. In addition, it allows brands to reduce costs and obtain consistent finishes.

Earlier this year, SGS approved AGI Denim’s Double Zero technology, underscoring its commitment to elevating laser finishing. Double Zero recovers or evaporates all of the water left over at the end of dyeing and processing, eliminating the potential for any harmful substances or effluents to be leached into the environment. Recovered water is recycled for processing, further reducing the producer’s water footprint. AGI reports that denim that’s dyed and finished in this way also has the added benefit of responding well to sustainable lasers.

“Our mission is to change the industry and make it more ethical, eco-efficient and sustainable,” said Enrique Silla, Jeanologia CEO. “To do this, not only do we need to change the sourcing model, but bring in new methods and techniques for analysis and standardization. All stakeholders need to be facing the same direction.”

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SGS, Jeanologia Partner to Scale Laser Finishing – Sourcing Journal

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